Network Problem


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On my home network i have 3 Desktop PCs, A Labtop, And PS3. Right now we are having problems. im not sure what it could be it just recently started happening. My computer and the internet is fine. The computer upstairs has always gotten the messege ( ISP Limited ). ATM the other computer downstairs and the computer upstairs internet are completely along with the wireless but my computer is the only one with acess. We use a netgear wireless router. Any ideas what could be causing this problem ?


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are the wep keys typed in properly with capitol letters. Did you reset the router recently? Sometimes just resetting the router will fix many problems with networks. Also check the IP address to make sure there is no conflicts.


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If you are not getting a valid ip (i.e. 192.168.*.*) then either you haven't put the password in correctly as Enigma said, restart the router, go into your services and make sure your DNS client is running, make sure you are allowing for multiple connections with your router... Also doing an anti-spyware and anti-virus scan would be a good thing to do too...