Need more power lines off power supply???

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How the!?! Need more power lines off power supply???

Is it possible to run dual power supplies, one smaller 200W for say 4 fans on my case, and then the big 550W for all my mainboard stuff, dvdroms, HD's etc.

My power supply doesn't supply enough cabling to reach all of the fans in my case and it's pretty warm inside the case. I can only run the one fan on front intake to blow cool air over the circuitry, the 2 side vent fans and rear vent fan have no power cabling. My PSU has dual fans on rear and bottom too, to circulate the airflow around better, but it's still pretty warm inside the tower.

Could I just run an external power supply sort of and lay it outside or on top of my PC tower perhaps and just plug it up to all of the fans?

Or is there extensions for power supply cables, to split connections of one into two power outlets or so?

Thanks anyone!


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You cannot run two power supplies. If the 20 or 24 pin connector is not installed in the mother board the PSU will not power on. YOu need to either splice or use adapters as already outlined in the previos Post.


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Well, first of all you "can" use two power supplies if you do a "test PSU mod" to one of them.

And secondly - just buy a few adapters and split a few molexes to your optical drives, fans, lights... etc... But, make sure you don't split your videocard molex if it's AGP and try not to use any molexes off that line either.


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I remember when I first started getting into computers, I didn't realize there were Y-Splitters and things either. I had been trying to plan my build around the available molex connectors until I asked some guy from a PC store how you hook up a lot of stuff.

Then of course you start thinking "Duh....a Y-splitter". It's not like I hadn't seen a y-splitter for other things before, but for some reason it never occured to me for a computer.
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