NEed help with SpeedStream Routor

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Ever since i hooked up this damned speedstream router to my computer and sis's , all i get is probs. i cant get onto dalnet, it wont let ppl connect to my ftp, heck i cant even send a file over aim.... . is there anything i can do to fix this prob.

ps. if anyone of you nice ppl happen to know the tech number or know where i can find it ( looked all over the site, no luck!), please pass it on to me.

Router eh? What's your primary connection, BTW? It is possible you may have to re-setup your IP address configuration.
Have you configured port forwarding for the services you want accessible over the net? this is definitely a necessary get anything usable outside the firewall. RTFM for the details, or post back. Your ISP may also block some services.
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