Display screen not working, need troubleshoot advice!


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Hello! Hope everyone's having a nice thanksgiving day :). Not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this issue I am having, my apologies if so!

This is the item I am about to talk about: https://www.amazon.com/Ideal-61-957...7&qid=1574987765&sprefix=61-95,aps,177&sr=8-2

I'm going to try my hardest to keep this short haha. I'm THAT guy that writes an essay for 1 question...

Long story short, I bought a $1000 brand new unopened tracer off Ebay. I receive it in the mail. It's as described, brand spanking new still in wrap and everything.

The Transmitter (amazon picture, it's the one on Left) works great. The Receiver (one on Right) has what I hope to be a slight issue. The display screen comes on nice and bright but no words appear. It's just a lit up blank screen. If I try to power on or off the receiver, it is just stuck on a lit up blank screen. I have to take the batteries out to turn it off.

Just so everyone knows though. I contacted the seller, he contacted Ideal and Ideal responds to him saying they won't honor the warranty because it was bought wholesale. So the seller contacts me, apologizes and tells me that he is going to refund me my entire purchase, and sense he can't do anything with the Tracer he tells me I can keep it..... WOW. So the $1000 has been returned, and now I have an almost working brand new tracer. I told him if I can get it working, I will send him the $ via paypal as a gift. Honestly customer service like that, human beings like that deserve nothing but the best in life. He deserves compensation if I can fix it.

So that is why I am here. I have multi-meters, detail screwdrivers, soldering gun, etc.. I just have never troubleshooted anything techy like this before. Just things in the electrical field that use AC voltage for the most part. This receiver can be opened up by removing a bunch of screws. Not sure if something obvious might be jumping out at anyone? Not sure if this is something you all might think is over my head. But heck, work trying and worth asking. Thanks for your time!
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