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I have been notified by a few friends that it is IMPOSSIBLE to share DSL internet access in a peer-to-peer network; in other words, it is only POSSIBLE to share DSL internet access if you use a switch, hub or router because the DSL IP is not static. I do not know if this is completely true, you never know the answer until you try it yourself, and I havent tried it. This is off topic, but if anyone knows if this is true or not, please tell me :).

Anyways, whether or not it's true, I've borrowed a switch from my friend and I am attempting to network two computers through a switch and to also share DSL internet access.

Below is the list of all the equipment I have neccessary for the network:

2 Computers (Windows 98 SE + Windows 2000 Pro)
2 NIC Cards (D-Link 530TX and 538TX)
1 DSL Modem
1 D-Link DSS-8+ Switch w/ Power Adapter
3 RJ45 Cables

This should be enough to set up a network, unless I'm stupid enough to leave something important behind. What I want to set up is a LAN with internet sharing from my DSL Modem. The computer that originally has the DSL Access is the computer with Windows 2000 Pro. The client is the computer with Windows 98 SE, which needs Internet access.

Up to this point, I'm very confused and I need guidance to properly set up this LAN with internet sharing. The first step is to stick a RJ45 cable in each of the computers, and then connect them to the switch. Next, I would have to stick the cable in the DSL modem into the "Uplink" port of the switch. I guess all the hardware setup is correct so far, now onto the network settings inside the computers. If I have done ANYTHING wrong, please notify me, I dont want to destroy the hardware!

The next step is to change the network settings. For each computer, I would have to change them to an unique IP address; for the Windows 2000 System, and for the Windows 98 SE System. I would also have to change the Subnet Mask to for both systems. Next, I would have to use the same gateway for both computers, I was told to ignore DNS and other settings, so I leave them alone. Looks like I set up the LAN fine. So far, so good? If I have done ANYTHING wrong, please notify me!

The final step is to share Internet access. This is the step I am really stuck at. I would think that both computers connected to the switch would automatically have Internet access, but I'm wrong. One computer has to dial into the DSL Modem to gain Internet, but which computer do I use? I'm guessing the Windows 2000 System (since it is the host and is originally used to dial in without a network), but how would I do so? The cable connected to the DSL modem use to connect to another NIC card in my computer, but it has now been moved into the "Uplink" port of the switch? How do I dial into the modem to get Internet? I would guess that after this "dialing into the modem" works, both computers connected to the switch would automatically have Internet, right? Or is there more difficult work ahead? I'm really stuck and I need someone's expertise!!! Please help me! Thank you!
Your setup sounds okay, but honestly...if it's only two computers, why not set up the win2k machine to connect to the DSL modem (directly, not through the switch) and then use the built in internet connection sharing to connect the win98 machine?
Honestly Im not familiar with your switch, but the best way to do it is have a router. With the router, you would connect the dsl modem to the uplink port, configure the router with PPPoE to connect to your ISP, and then it automatically shares internet connection to both computers, not only that, but DHCP in the router would automatically assign IP's to both computer, alleviating you from doing anything. You could pick up a good cable/dsl router very cheaply, $50 or so.
Seloce.. Your idea sounds much simpler than using a switch.. Does this mean that my switch is useless and I could do LAN w/ ICS without a switch?

Ecniv.. I wish I had the money to buy a decent router.. Unfortunately, I live in Canada, so the prices vary from $80-$120.. Anyways, I don't have a pernament LAN everyday, I only have it when my cousin comes over to my house for some network gaming, which is 2-3 times a month, that's why I want the most efficient but also cheapest method :)
well definately the easiest way to go is to get a 4 port dsl modem
then just plug the other computers in with a straight through cable(not a crossover cable)
all will be sweet
and just set the internet connection on both comps to connect to the internet through a lan
easy as pie
i have 2 computers and i want to setup LAN and ICS.. the host computer is win2k and has 2 NIC cards, one for the DSL modem (efficient networks pppoe service) and the other for LAN.... the client computer is win98se and has 1 NIC card..... we're using one crossover cable to connect the win2k computer to the win98se computer and the DSL modem is connected to the win2k computer...

what's the best method to setting up LAN and ICS without using any routers,hubs, or software (proxy, NAT)? I have a dual speed switch but I am not sure if it is needed to set up LAN and ICS, if it is please tell me how I can make it useful. I know its not impossible, many people have done this but for some reason I can't....

i tried following but it didnt work..

so i tried my own way... first, i set up the LAN between the two computers.. for the properties of the first NIC card (network card connected to DSL), there are 3 things listed; client for ms networks, file and print sharing, and tcp/ip.. the properties of tcp/ip are obtain ip automatically and obtain dns automatically.. i also did internet sharing on this network card and shared it to my other NIC Card (the LAN one). is this right so far, or is there anything i must change? for the properties of the second NIC card, there are 3 things listed; client for ms networks, file and print sharing, and tcp/ip.. in the properties of the tcp/ip, the IP is, and the subnet mask is, and the gateway is, and DNS is empty. right so far, or do i need changes? for the client computer (win98se), the properties of the NIC card, there are 4 things listed; network card name, client for ms networks, file and print sharing, and tcp/ip.. in the properties of the tcp/ip, the IP is, the subnet mask is and the gateway is THIS Works for LAN, but not for Internet. The client (win98se) cannot connect to the Internet. LAN works, I could ping his computer, he could ping mine, I could access his files, he can access mine... SOMEONE PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!
somehow i found a way to share internet and lan, although it was EXTREMELY slow, but it still worked.... i had to do many settings with the client computer.. the host computer was very easy to set up... one problem is when i go on the host machine and try to access the client machine, it takes 20-30 seconds to actually see the computer in the network and it takes forever to open up folders in the clients machine... dont know how to fix the laaaaaaag :\
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