Need HELP in customizing a high performance notebook PC


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Hello to everyone!

So here's the deal; in February I'm starting architecture classes and I've already began working with rendering programs, just to get the hang of it. The only problem is my current notebook can't seem to handle the "pressure" of 3D rendering so I'm in desperate need of a high performance one (I'm also an occasional gamer, it's not just for work). Here's my current system configuration, just so you know my starting point:

intel core i3 M 380 @ 2.53GHz
hdd WD 500gb 5000rpm
graphic card nVidia geforce 310m cuda 1gb
3gb ddr3 RAM

So I figured I'd pass this notebook to my younger brother and just get a new one, rather than improve it. I definitely require a notebook and not a desktop, since I will be carrying it to classes. Someone suggested the Horize website for high performance notebooks, anyone heard of them, or can you recommend me other online stores, as well as advice on what exactly the system configuration should look like. As for the price range, I'd say $3000 - 4000 is as much as I'm willing to invest right now.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to your replies.