Need a networking solution!


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I have been scratching my head lately because of the little situation I have at my house. I have a wireless G router in the basement, off which I run 2 desktops, laptop, ps3, xbox360, iphone. One of the desktop was in my room on 2nd floor and was connected wirelessly to the internet. But now the motherboard is dying and the usb slots have stopped working.

My problem is that I do not want to use a usb adapter nor I have an extra pci slot left in it for a wireless card. I want to use a wired connection from maybe an access point or a switch. I am not good when it comes to networking, so I do not know the difference between an access point and a network switch. It would be helpful if someone could suggest what I should get and how should I setup the network.

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A WAP (Wireless Access Point) Connects to your wireless ROUTER and then spreads wireless coverage around your home where it cannot be reached by your wireless router

A Switch - Connects to your wirless/wired router from one of the four ethernet ports on the back and provides more wired ethernet ports. People use this when they want to connect over 4 wired devices to their wired/wireless router (in your case your wireless G router)

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Really, in this case neiter will help you. Both require a wired connection back to the router (at which point you might as well just run the wire straight to the desktop).

You might want to look into a wireless bridge. This is a device that will pick up your routers wireless signal and allow you to share it either with a wire or wireless. This pic shows what I'm referring to. What is Wireless Bridge