Near death experiences


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I got run over last summer at 35mph. I broke my foot and got flung at least 10 feet away from the car. I was highly impressed with the dent I put in the side of the ford.

Ive also fallen through a garage (3 inch deep cuts in my left calf) and had a very nasty fall down some stairs.

I think ive been pretty lucky with only a few of them...So make the most of me whilst im still here

Anybody else almost snuffed it?


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Well most people have but probably don't realise it. What I mean by that is if just before you wake up you feel like you're flying and then come falling down and wake up taking deep brethes then for some reason you stopped breathing in your sleep and just nearly died. Which used to happen to me a LOT. Plus I have nearly drowned three times. Water isn't my friend lol.
I have fallen off my bike and done a flip in air and landed on my left wrist alone, then a few months afterwards i did the same thing and sprained the same wrist, ive been fairly lucky.


Computergen said:
AHHHHH.....further explain if ya want. was it by gang members?!?!!? :p
Yeah basically.. the Colombian Police were doing a raid near this supermarket and bullets were flying. Turns out six gang members were killed by the security forces. They really cracked down on crime.
I like drills and saws :D No real injuries, but I imagine some have got close. Nothing quite as close as getting run over though :D


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The other day I gave my self a huge electric shot by sticking my finger into the workings off a light switch. It was the worst feeling ever....