My New Computer


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Hey guys... i'm new here and i wanted to see your inputs on my new setup.

Intel 550 P4 Socket T
- 3.4ghz, 800fsb, 1mb cache
- Hyper-Threading, 775 architecture
Intel 915PBL board
- very nice even though the haters like to hate.
- came with 4 rear usb ports, front panel 3.5" audio/firewire/2usb, extra usb ports
- DDR2 and PCIe only
- 7.1 audio, Toslink line out, Co-axial line out
Abit ATI X700 Pro "Super PCI" Video Card
- nice 3d Mark, not an x800 though
Corsair 2x256mb PC4200 DRR2
- cheapest ddr2 matched pair
- best memory brand IMHO, will get another two sticks to make a gig.
Seagate Barracuda 160 gig
- Sata2, easy interface, no jumpers (never played with sata before)
NEC 2510a 8x DVD+/-RW, Samsung Combo Drive
Aspire 500watt PS
- Built in fan speed controller
- Sweet looking case with two fans
Raidmax Case- Easy to mess with, has spots for lots of fans
- Matches my Barton tower

in the near future....
zalman in case water cooling :) and a bit of overclocking.


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thanks guys, i'm just getting started. soon to come... x800xt, 2 more 256's or 2 512's to acheive either a gig or 1.5 gigs in dual channel. anyone who says 1.5 gigs in dual ch. won't work needs to see my barton.


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