my keyboard keeps screwing up


Daemon Poster
So every so often my keyboard kinda screws up. Instead of typing a question mark it types this symbol É

I know how to fix this (just press Ctrl Shift - if that doesnt work type it again). But its annoying that this keeps happening. Any ideas on what's going wrong? I cant imagine I just keep pressing Ctrl Shift and that's why it keeps getting spoiled, although I suppose that's possible...


In Runtime
There may be a "black million" reasons what causes it. That is why more information should be provided.
1. what computer is it, what OS, which is the default OS/keyboard language, which other languages you have installed yet, what additional keyboard layouts You have installed.
2. is it laptop or desktop?
3. what keyboard is it, what is the default keyboard layout, have you changed it, and if so, how.
4. Do you have an up to date and correct driver installed
5. Have you ever accidentally poured something on the keyboard, such as tea, coffee, juice, vet, etc.
6. the last option, it is simply old and tired, then is only one option to fix it - buy new.