My finger

OKay so at work I was trying to open a bag of sauce with the scissors but they werent sharp enough so i grabbed the knife to try and open the bag but when i did that the knife slipped and sliced my fginger nicely their was so much blood omg i could have filled up a water bottles with the blood. i was shaking i thought i was going to have to get stitches.


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Tat occured with me one time. I had to cut the sort of thing that you have to cut once it's tightened. Well, I missed it and it went straight into my finger. The part that caught my eyes was that it wasn't bleeding a if I had a sort of pastry feel blood.

Usually, get a gause and some tape and tight it to your finger. Let it sit for a good half hour. It should stop.

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I've cut my arm with my computer case once :) I've also cut my arm while cleaning a window, that one, well I'm not too sure how that happened.

Last week was pretty cool..saw a guy crack his ribs.


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I'v cleenly chopped sone skin off next to the nail. wiht a Sharpend metal ruler. I was killing a pencil at school in internal susp. heh. i got to go home insted of sitting there for 3 more hour's


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Lmao, Man (Not to discredit you or anything) but I've cut myself up so much in my lifetime lol.. I mean dang, When I was a novice with my throwing knives, and my swords, I used to cut myself up all the time. In fact, I have only one knive that I have never drawn my own blood with lol

Haha.. I've filled up a few waterbottles with my own blood myself lol Don't feel alone

Also, About the stitches: stitches arent so bad. When I was a child, I was playing with my friend on a swingset, and he had my toy keeping it from me (playing ofcourse) and dropped it, i went for it, and he threw the swing at me, had to get around 20 stitches in my head lol Still have a scar

Also, Ive taken a knife and cut a nice slit down the pad of my thumb, the way it was cut I bled nothing, and I could see underneath my skin, and down into the muscle/tip of the bone before. rather creepy
Meh I just took of the bandage washed it, Put more neosporin on it and it looks fine
its healing nicely and i put another bandage on it