My computer wont turn on.... please help me...


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OK so yesterday i was working on a fan controller and i accidentally pulled a wire to a fan and it started smoking. it heated up all the wires around it and my power supply wouldnt turn on.

Ok so i took one off of an old computer and put it in mine, however it didnt havre enough power (250) so i cant have every thing plugged in.

Now whenever i can turn my computer on it does a CHKDSK on my primary drive and then it cant get past test two and restarts and does the same thing over and over again until i cancel it.

anyone have any idea whats wrong? is it my ower supply? did i fry something else?


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neochivers said:
meby you have corupped you win install
I shouldnt think so looks like a hardware issue.

Have you checked the cables to your hard drive are in, Both ribbon and the ones for the power supply to it?