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Recently my computer crashed and we lost everything but the enemy was able to install all our previous software and set up new user accounts (XP). However a peice of software that was installed was the dreaded Norten Antivirus. She had now made it so that I am unable to download anything and has also blocked my ability to use MSN Messenger, through the productivity control. I wouldn't have minded a month ago, but now the girl that I want to be with has finally got round to getting MSN Messenger and so now I can't chat with her :-( and also the fact that I won't be able to chat with all my mates online hurts as well. Is there anyway of accessing MSN Messenger?? Im not the most literate of computer users but would greatly appreciate some help.

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Which version of Norton are you running.

Okay on Norton 2003 I look at the Antivirus settings and it has one to protect Messengers. It is under the internet options and says messengers or somthing.

It has the three main messengers listed Yahoo, MSN, and AIM. I would tell it not to protect those programs.


Hunt about its panel for a list of accepted/blocked programs and just allow it, rather simple.


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The thing is though I have a restricted account and so I don't know what to do. I was wondering if any of you lot knew a clever way of bending the rules


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reboot the pc to safe mode and perhaps the administrator account is unlocked, you dont see the account normally... there are programs that unlock the admin passwords but they will then know that you have been into there account as the pw has been changed or removed