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looking for some help, I am trying to download my information from Facebook, specifically the messenger messages. I have gone on to the settings and download your information and selected the date range as all time. When the file is downloaded in html as a zip i open the folder but the messages only appear to go back to 2021 (I have had my account since 2007) is there a reason that the messages dont go back any further? I have tried putting in custom dates before 2021 and nothing comes back. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way of recovering older messages than that?

Thank you for your help.
Not sure if this has any relevance but FB changed itself from whatever it was to Meta back in around 2021.
You say you have an account from 2007, but are you sure you posted anything back then? (Posting is when you start a new thread or post on your account, when you reply to a comment or information shared by someone else that has been started, shared, or whatever, then it is not your post and will be saved and displayed with the original post as comment or reaction.)
Another thing is the archived posts, they are separate and you have to open the archive to read them. Currently don't remember if the whole archive is possible download at once as one file.
@kalju Thank you for your reply. I know that I have used messenger since prior to 2021 but the messages do not show since before 4thJuly 2021. I am using an iPad to download the information would this have any impact on the information I can download compared to using a PC?

Thank you
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