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I am looking to renew my older machine with some newer parts and W7. My first and foremost is a mobod. I am only going to use this as a machine that hosts music for my Russound cav6.6 and also as a backup storage device. Does anyone have a recommendation for a mobod under or around $100?
Is this the machine in your sig you're talking about? In which case pretty much any high-end 775 motherboard will do - with i3/i5/i7 being out for a while now, 775 mobos are dirt cheap.
No, this is my main machine. The one I am talking about is located behind a wall and is used as media storage for my russound whole house audio and for backup storage. It has an old 939 board and a 4400+.
I don't want another 939 because then that would not be much of an upgrade. That is just what I have right now. As you said that would be almost impossible to find. I want a new board with new cpu and ram.
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