Modding a miniATX case

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I've avoided working with mini atx cases (I mean the itty bitty desktop cases that lay horizontally). But now my hand is being forced. I've got three I'm working with and they all have terrible air flow. CPU temps usually get into the 150s. Crashes are frequent. So I need to do something fast.

I'm thinking about just punching out some holes in the case and mounting grilles and fans with proper filters, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions...especially if you have experience working with cases this small.

Thanks in advance for the advice.
Are these comps workstations? Do they have case fans? Instead of punching holes you might want to add a couple case fans (one input, one exhaust) to promote more airflow. It could be that there is no exhaust fan on the case. If there isn't all the air that is blown in gets heated up by the CPU and video card and stays in the case to melt everything in it's path :)

Check the fan situation before taking tools to the case.
Sorry, I should have been more descriptive.

There are no mounts for exhaust fans. The only form of airflow (currently) is the exhaust fan for the power supply. It pulls air from vents in the side of the case out through the power supply.

I think you're beginning to see how inefficient this is... ;)

And no, these are not work stations. They're point of sale machines., maybe you should cut some holes. Are these like the Dell cases that sit on the side? that makes it harder to cut holes. hmm, im stuck on this one, anyone got any suggestions?
They lay horizontally. And no, they're not Dell cases. What really happened is that when the company opened, they bought the computers through their software provider for the POS system. These computers are made through a sub contractor. It took me a week to get a name and number for the place. ;)

I plan on cutting holes, and it looks like I'm going to get two or three small fans and try to mount them in prime places. Since there is no room for a rear exhaust, I was thinking of using a pci slot cooler. But anyone who can think of something better to all means...
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