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Good Evening everyone,

I have a question that I am stuck on. I am creating my own lab at home to mess around and learn new things. I have setup my DHCP server but now trying to create my own DNS server.

I guess my question is.... under DHCP and under scope options and DNS servers what do I use as the IP's for the DNS server? Is it the DNS server that I created or do I use the DNS IP's of my ISP?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

PP Mguire

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DNS IPs of a DNS you want to use (ISP, Google, OpenDNS, Cloudfare, Pihole, etc). Only create your own if you are wanting to use your own DNS server.

Since you're creating your own DNS server though, you'd want to create designated static IPs for that DNS server. Depending on configuration it does not have to be in the same subnet. That all depends on your network config though.

A sample config would be like this:
Create DHCP server, create DNS server, have DHCP allocate IPs for main network, if DHCP server requests DNS point it to your DNS server IPs, if DHCP server isn't handling DNS requests have your gateway point to DNS server IPs, have gateway point to DHCP server IP for DHCP requests, for DNS server make it have it's own static IPs and either run full DNS for network or have it point to an external DNS resolver of your choice (or both if you want an external failsafe).