Routing and hosting via cloudflare and 2 other providers to home web server...


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Hello Techi World!

I have a little challenge that I am trying to figure out how to configure without any other extra cost…. Any advise or hint will be much appreciated!

Current issue am looking to resolve is:

  • I have 1 x ISP (Vodafone Home) that provides with a dynamic IP
  • Behind that I have 1 x WebServer with 3 pretty basic websites on my network (3 x different domain names e.g. | |
  • My main Firewall provides me with a A/DNS name for instance without charge… Don't want to change that...
  • I have 1 x different provider for the 3 x A/CNAME/MX/DNS records (paid 20 Euro each) that require a Static IP in order to redirect the traffic to my home Web Server.
  • I also want to incorporate Cloudflare in the middle to have some short of protection and CDN..
  • I also want to issue 3 x SSL Certificates for these sites for my webserver to secure them even more.
  • Apache WebServer with PHP/SQL…
What is the optimum solution to accomplish this?

Using domain forwarding that the provider suggested will redirect the request of e.g. my1stdomain or… to which is not the desired solution.

Using an .htaccess file on the webserver will also (I believe) slow down the response and also provide issues with the generation of the 3 x SSL Certificates. Looking into using a provider like LetsEncrypt or something similar and free...

Any ideas or advise would be much appreciated!

Gracias in advance from Greece ?
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