many hard drive issues


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ok firstly

okay.. i HAD TWO hard drives inside my dell dimension pc that i bought a good while ago ( year ago ) .. and i noticed one of the hard drives was getting slower and slower.. so i formatted and stuck ubuntu on and that was still slow
so i format it again and windows xp installation screen thing is telling me the drive is fucked so i thought..hmm ill switch around hard drives and see what the problem is when im back in windows.. ONLY to find that THAT hard drive is fucked aswell ... what could be the reasons behind that ? .. both hard drives fucking up at the same time?

i have an 400 gig external freecom hard drive that is also having an issue
basically its only showing 1 folder of a possible 10 ..and when i stick into my mums laptop its saying / is giving an error or something im not sure.. if you want i can get the full message
But what i find stRANGE is that its only showing 1 folder ..and there used to be lots more


i have a 500 gig media hard drive that my MOTHER dropped ..that is working but slowely ..and it sometimes has a ticking noise
basically is that hard drive knackered or not?
im thinkin of formatting it and seeing if that will help but i thought i'd ask here