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So at the moment I'm thinking about upgrading since my laptop is pretty old; it's currently just an i3 with 8GB (upgraded) ram but I did also upgrade the painfully outdated mechanical HDD to 1TB SSD a while back - best upgrade I ever done.

Anyway I have around a thousand bullets to spend. I'd like to go for 15.6" rather than my current 17" screen since I'd like a more sleek/modern laptop I can take anywhere.. This one's too big! I'd also like to stick with Intel CPUs. Some other things I'm looking for are:

  • i5 at least (i7 preferably)
  • 16GB RAM
  • Metal/Durable body
  • Decent battery life

The problems I'm having is that there's so many variants of each model of laptop that I'm finding it difficult to actually find specs and reviews of the ones I'm interested in. I think a lot of laptops look bulky, plastic and "rounded" unless you pay mega-money which I just don't have.

At first I thought my budget would get me what I wanted but there always seems to be compromises they create. HP seems to offer the best range and I was looking at two in particular: here, and here. What I like about those particular laptops is that I can also use my SATA SSD for storage along with the M.2 as the OS drive. But again, difficult to find reviews, often previous models or lower specs.

It's a shame that they focus on their top line of laptops and everything else is classed as "budget", to a lot of people a thousand pounds is a lot of money. I was looking on some UK based sites like Scan.co.uk and it's crazy... you get a few laptops based on my price and then there's a huge range of expensive laptops.

Anybody have any Uk based sites with a good range? Or any other suggestions?
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