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If you have a web hosting company and want to list it somewhere you could get a good exposure, we welcome you to our database. provides a free service that is called "Verified hosting company seal". With the help of this seal you can include your website into our database by following few easy steps.

Here are the steps:

1. Click this link:
2. Fill in all the required information.
3. Once we get your e-mail a new page will be made on our website that contains your website's information.
4. Link to that page will be sent to you.
5. Open that link into your browser there you will find an image on the right hand side of the page that says: “Not Verified Hosting Vendor”.
6. There is a link below this image “Site Owner? Click here to Verify.” Click that link.
7. You will get a code. Paste that code on the home page of your website where you want the seal to be shown.
8. We will visit your website manually within 24 hours and if code is found there, your site will be converted into “Verified Hosting Vendor” (on the page with your details on our website).
9. It is done.
Your website will remain listed into our database until our “verification code” is removed from your website.
To get your website listed into our verified hosting provider list click this link:

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