Linux Forums?

Should there be linux forums here?

  • Yes!

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  • No.

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  • I don\'t really care, i dont use linux!

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Ill be adding a few new forums other the next couple of weeks(not all at once) ill add this to my maybe list.

yes! .. that way i'll have to visit often coz skul changed all pc OS to linux .
I wont be adding a Linux Forum to we grow a little more in members and post. So if you really want one that bad post a little more in the forums to filll them up more and that will make other people join in also;)

btw: Welcome back Craf.
i have nothing against linux and its users,..but i think it still goes under "operating systems"

what about other OS's....OSX forums,..Windows forums..etc... I love the divisions just the way they are.

just my opinion.
I agree. If you put in a Linux forum, you will have to put in forums to make non-linux users happy also. I love this site the way it is. Let's keep it loveable, shall we?
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