Keyboard/Mouse for good gaming computer

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Brisbane, Australia
Hey guys, I'm building a good quality gaming rig, here, and I need a mouse/keyboard to go with it. I am pretty much down to two options each, which are both around the same price range:

Mouse: Logitech mx518 or Razer Abyssus
Keyboard: Logitech G15 or Razer Lycosa
Which should I choose?

Thanks in advance for help!
Personally i have used a couple of logitechs which are for the most part the same, mx518/g7/g5 and and friends razer copperhead and i felt the razer to be awkward to hold and operate easily. And semed to be suitable for someone with longer finger, mine are short and stubby xD. If you can try find someone/where to try them out. Other than that, unless you love you mouse Uber sensitive like me, anything over 2000 dpi is plenty.

Can vouch for the g15, has great keystroke feeling, except i never use the lcd really, maybe get the g11? spend more on the mouse.
I do like my mouse uber sensitive :)

The main reason I picked the Abyssus out of the rest of the Razer range is the simplicity. It only has 3 buttons, and that is all I ever use. I have been reading around, and I think I will use the Abyssus, however I am still stuck on the keyboard
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