It finally blew up!

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My beloved X2 3600+ finally died... UPGRADE TIME!!!

I have been doing quite a bit of work to this computer, upgraded the hard drive, ram, cooling, and graphics, next on the list is my processor...and most likely the motherboard at the same time

I have a DFI Infinity Ultraii-m2 (check my sig)

Anyways, is there any way to find out if this:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750 Kuma 2.7GHz AM2+ 95w CPU

will work on my board?
Theres no way that board can only handle a 5200+...

thats a disgrace! wtf is with dfi? weren't they sposed to be high end???

i got $64... should i just get a good motherboard, hope my 3600+ isn't fried and use that? or whats your guys opinion?

I have no real time to deal with this crap, like yeah I know it all and stuff, but i dont have the extra time to browse newegg to look at motherboards and stuff...

between state testing (next week), quarter finals, gradchecks, working, trying to find a car, get insurance, and a new place to live, time is not in my favor.

i make ~120 a week (50 to drive a friend to school, and about 70 to help out at a pc shop on fridays and help my sorta-boss around the house on sundays)

So, do you think you guys can find me a decent motherboard? (also if possible too, a quieter heatsink for my 9800GT would be nice too)


AMD system
ddr2 slots at least 800 support
IDE (doesnt matter if it has 1 or 2)
passive chipset cooling (or quiet active)
decent clearance around cpu socket for scythe ninja
supports 7750
2 open pci slots
2 x16 slots (one for my 9800GT one for my 7300LE) i run 3 monitors
24pin near top right, 4pin doesnt matter that much

SLi compatible


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Well, if you really want SLI, I would get one of these boards: - ASUS M4N72-E AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI ATX AMD Motherboard - AMD Motherboards - MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI ATX AMD Motherboard - AMD Motherboards

Little expensive, but worth it. But if you don't mind not having SLI, I would definitely grab this motherboard: - BIOSTAR TFORCE TA790GX 128M AM2+/AM2 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard - AMD Motherboards

I personally recommend the last one, but it doesn't support SLI, so...your choice.


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Check to see if you have the latest BIOS for your board, you might be lucky and it just might have AM2+ support.. but I wouldn't necessarily count on it...
No, it didnt blow up, thats just what I say when things break lmao...

Anyways, it wasn't as extreme as I thought it was, yes there is something wrong with the cpu, and the AUTO setting on my board did the ram wrong, but after getting all that fixed (put my timings back on the ram, raised the voltage on the cpu, and checked all the cables) I went to boot, and a file was missing... So i grabbed my vista disk and went to reinstall, still getting errors and BSOD's, each time a different code, so i pulled the entire system out of the case and bench ran it, discovered what my problem was


i lost 3 years worth of file saving, 60gb of downloaded files, etc... all because of a $5 cable

gotta love computeres eh? luckily enough I have a backup as of 3 months ago on my old 160gb (which i gave to my friend) and he has yet to reformat, we have the same motherboards basically so he just put it in, it updated drivers and worked) so today when we are painting our cases, (I might post a worklog somewhere) I will have the "My Downloads" folder copying to my 320GB, back up all his files, then reinstall ultimate for him)

Todays gonna be a fun day... Theme for the paint is the amd logo (he is gonna get a stencil), green and black, plus we have pearl blue and purple! sometime at the end of this week I am going to paint the inside/back of my case aswell

and thats pretty sad about the 5200+ cap on my board... thats my next upgrade then, considering that biostar TForce board, going to couple it with a 7750 kuma
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