ISPs and cotention ratios - the best thing to look for?


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Im looking for a new ISP. would I be right to say that the best thing to look for would be a good contention ratio. if so what would be a good contention ratio, something like 25:1? also what else should i look for in a new ISP. price isnt high on my list i dont mind paying £25-30 a month if i get a really good decent service though out the day especially at peek times.


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ok so ive been ringing around some isp to get thier contention ratio and a little info from thier websites, this is what i found so far:


contention ratio - 50:1

risk - acceptable use policy!


contention ratio - 33:1

risk - find out if they do up to 8Mb unlimited - only delivered through their own network, wankers


contention ratio - 50:1

risk - appears crap


risk - big no no fair use policy!


contention ratio - wont even tell me!!!

risks - stupid foreign technical advisor didnt know what i was talking about was on hold for about ten mins to be told not even existing customers can have the contention ratio!!!!!!


contention ratio - they prioritse for downloader depending on the package you have
risk - cant see any yet


contention ratio - 50-100:1


risks fair usage policy big no no!!!!

ok eclipse is the best at the moment with a birtish call center meaning i could understand everything he said to me plus he also knew what he was talking about. they dont really have a contention ratio as they have different packages options for example they have options 1-4. option 1 is for light web browers, option 4 is for heavy downlaoders and 2,3 in the middle. so what they do is they prioritize at peak times more bandwidth for option 4 to keep thier speeds up as they will need it and cut down on packgae 1 as they wont need it. obvisously you pay more for option 4 being £30 and option 1 being £15.