Is programming the only CS job that will survive?


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I am currently entering the field and I'm afraid that the IT field is dead as to everything will be automated and will require only programmers to hold on to their jobs. I am only entry level in IT, getting help desk positions which I am okay with. I love this field, and wouldn't give it up for any other career. But I'm afraid soon information technology will die. Is this true?



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I have read predictions similar to what you are describing which I believe may come true at some point in the future. To me this brings up the question: How far in the future?

I am at the very end of my working career (in fact I retired once then re-entered the workforce) so it's doubtful that any of this will affect me. You younger people need to think about whether or not robotics, automation and AI will make your job obsolete within your lifetime.

While some predictions from the past have come true, many have not. For instance, back in the 1950's when I was growing up, there were predictions that we would all have flying cars by the year 2000. Where are the flying cars? Technology has come a long way but not as far as some futurists predicted.

Automation has, in fact, already affected me. When I came out of retirement, I took a job doing Robotic Process Automation. I now develop software robots that automate processes that were once performed by a human. At this point in time, repetitive, data entry types of processes can be automated but, as AI technology improves, even more processes can be automated. Eventually, just about every job will be able to be automated. Again, the question is, how long will it be before virtually everything will be automated?

Some have predicted that because virtually all jobs will eventually be eliminated, our society will need to move to a system with a "basic income" whereas everyone within the society will receive monetary payments on a regular basis (a form of social security) in addition to any other income. The amount will be enough to provide for an individual's basic needs.


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Where are the flying cars?
What got something even better- autonomous cars.

not too worried about my job since the company I work for is exceptionally behind the times. I might not stay there forever though, and I do wonder what the future may hold. I'm a network guy and really enjoy that aspect of IT but with everything moving to the cloud, some parts of my job may be going obselete too.

Software seems to be the business to be into these days. Keep studying or taking classes while you work. That way when things change, you'll be ready to change, too.