Is it possible to use a laptop as a keyboard/display for a desktop


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This is probably stupid - but is this possible?

Basically my laptop just expired and I need a replacement. I want something capable of gaming - but in a laptop this appears to be twice the cost of a desktop.

I haven't got anywhere to put a desktop - i.e. no room for a desk in my house, I can only use a computer if I can stick it on my knees. A desktop unit could go down the side of the sofa. I don't need to take a computer with me when I travel.

So, is it possible to buy a cheapo laptop (even a reconditioned one or something) and then link this to a desktop unit as a solution, so the laptop is essentially a monitor and keyboard, and the desktop is the computer?

(I know I could run the desktop through my TV - but this would annoy the mrs and i'd never get to use it).


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Simply said, it can't be done (easily). The circuitry inside the laptop drives the display in a non-standard way. It would take an extremely modded laptop or a specially made laptop, which, as far as I know, aren't available.

I tried setting up something similar a few years ago and gave up because it was too much of a pain. Maybe some new technology has come along since then though, not to my knowledge though.