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intel has opened a new plan in ireland and has confirmed that conroe will come out on july 23 (about a month from now). and core duo 2 for laptops will be out in aug or sept.

they've also said that they will br making 45nm chips by the end of 2007.


does anyone know anything else about 45nm?

does this mean a price cut in intel chips because of a new factory making more chips?

and hopefully with the new factory they'll have enough conroe chips for all the people that have been waitng for conroe ever scince they saw those anandtech benchmarks.


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Well yeah, it says right in the article that it's their third 65nm fabrication plant so it's obviously to fill the demand for conroe


45nm is, logically, the next step from Conroe's 65nm. The "Penryn" core from Intel will be the first thing based on 45nm. It is kind of the "halfway point" between 65nm and 45nm. It will be entirely 45nm, no doubt about that, but it will be like Yonah was. Yonah was a new architecture, on a new core, but it wasn't the main show. Conroe took the spotlight from Yonah/Presler/Dempsey and now its the Conroe that is the poster boy for 65nm. Penryn will be like Yonah was, it will be 45nm, with higher performance than Conroe, but there is something coming after Penryn. That something is the Nehalem architecture/core. That will be the "main successor" to Conroe, and will also be 45nm.

Performance is sure to increase as well. As the article says (but anyone who's really interested already knows), Intel is bringing 32nm processors into play 2 years after 45nm. And there are rumours of 22nm manufacturing processes just starting to be tested.

65nm came in during 2006, 45nm comes in during 2008, 32nm will be here in 2010.

Thats as far as Intel's thinking for now.


What is up with all these WEIRD names? where do they come from? Nehalem, Penryn, Yonah, Conroe, Presler, Sempron, Athlon, Opteron. but i do like the name Nehalem, anywayz where do they get these names?
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