I need a way to have sound from an HDMI cable without access to deticated speaker set


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When it comes to PC repairs and upgrading, I am quite knowledgable but I finally found something that I need help with and I truly would like to humble myself to ask for advice as this area is oddly outside of my personal knowledge.

However, this question that I have only uses a pc cable and a monitor, not a PC and I truly could use some cheap advice. My question is: As I am using a HDMI only export (an SNES Classic, not a PC but the parts run on the same principle.) and the only way to get any sound at all is through the very cable. Well even knowing my TV has HDMI that can give of sound, my monitor, which is the target, does not.

Is there any way to add a small box or a cable extension that would allow my PC or a side speaker set (cords don't matter, I don't mind buying a cord or a small box for a converter if need to be.) to be able to just get sound out of the very HDMI cord that would be ran from the SNES classic to the PC monitor that I already have a splitter for so I can run my PC and the SNES Classic off of the same monitor (Not at the same time, that would be stupid but the switch should be fine to use for the HDMI.)

So is there ANY thing that I could get sound out of the cable, then maybe connect via an extention so the very HDMI cord could finalize into the monitor to give of the desired video so we won't have to use the home tv to play his game all of the time? Thanks.

Spending a few dollars wouldn't be that big of a deal but the games from my youth aren't exactly something that I wish to throw down a hundred dollars for at this time, just to have sound. And with that, I would like to give out my thanks to whoever responds and I wish you well.


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So, you want to connect your SNES to your monitor only for audio and your computer to the monitor for audio and video?


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That is it. I was looking for the same thing a while back for my Raspberry Pi gaming console to use my PC monitor.

Just found that it was easier to use my TV instead. :thumb: