How to unlock an Athlon XP!

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Disclaimer: I and any others within this thread take no responsibility for any damage done to your CPU's or any other PC components (or yourself) when doing these mods!

The Materials:
1. A crayon
2. Conductive paint (silver lacquer or derivitive) or conductive pen
3. An eraser
4. Some tape
5. Fine paint brush or screwdriver from a eye glasses repair kit (something small enough that can paint the lines of conductive lacquer effectively)

Alternative: HighSpeed PC XP Unlocking Kit

Materials available at a # of places, Auto-Zone carries defroster kits with the lacquer (or should if not try shopping around).

The Guide:

First a short animation to give you an idea of the process:
Connecting the bridges and filling the gap

1: Get a yellow wax crayon, yellow shows up best!

2: Rub the crayon over the L1 pits! make sure they are fully filled, it does not matter if the crayon covers the dots!

3: Take a rough(ish) rubber, and rub it over the dots, this clean's the wax off of them! Then check the pits are still filled, if so continue to step 4, if not go back to step 2 and do it again! You do not have to rub hard to clean the dots, just make sure they are shiny!

4: Then take a conductive pen (these don't seem to work as well) or a rear-window defroster kit (the conductive paint bit, mine was silver, but i have heard that it can be brown too). Get a fine paintbrush (what i used!) and dip it in the conductive paint (shake it first for 30seconds!), then very slowy draw a line across each bridge, this is easier than it sounds, just take your time and all will be good!

5: Check to see if you have crossed any bridges, if you have you will need to clean it off, and start again (that bridge), do this until the bridges are fine and look some thing like this:

| | | | |

That is correct!

6: Leave the paint to dry, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes, under a minute is more realistic though!

7: You can mask the over the L1 bridges now to stop the paint being rubbed off! A bit of scotch tape will work just fine! I didn't mask them over, and instead was just carefull with my fingers when installing the XP again!

Hope this is usefull! ;)

EDIT: To unlock the 2100+ XP's, just join the last L3 bridge!

C represents the connected bridge, O represents the non-connected bridge.





EDIT: Bridge Popping!

BE CAREFUL doing this, you could kill your cpu!

Here is a method of breaking the bridges on your Athlons and Durons that is much easier than cutting them with a pin or small blade!

What you need:

AT PSU, some pins/nails (the pointer the better) and a female molex connector!

Step 1: Solder/tape your pin/nail to the red wire and the black wire on your molex connector, cut off or pull out the other black wire and the yellow wire! You may want to add some insulation to the the pin/nail so you can hold it!

Step2: Plug it into your PSU and turn it on! Holding it firmly, place either pin/nail tip on either side of the bridge on either gold dot, only hold it there for a second, no longer, there should be a small spark and the bridge should have blown! Check if it is deep enough to break all contact with the other side of the bridge. If it's not deep enough, then redo it, but again, only for a second!

Step3: Rejoin bridges to the new layout you want them to be at! Oh, and turn off the PSU!
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