How to manually delete a virus????

Haku Mioje

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I know someone who used to have a saved file in notepad. it contained information on how to manually delete a virus. i know you had to start in command prompt. you then had to type out long lines of code. each code was a virus code. once u typed it in and hit enter your system searched for the virus. if it found it, it then deleted it. can someone please tell me where i can find the lines of code to use and exactly how to do this. i saw him do it so i know it can be done. i just don't remember how to do this.


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Using a AV to delete the virus is your best bet, it may be in a win/32 file which are your system files and deleting the virus might remove a needed operating system file which would result in major headaches for you, run an AV and if need be let it quarantine it in its volt until a fix can be applied by your AV..


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Yes, to type the code to manually delete a virus, you first must know what you have in the first place. Without a program like AVG which can get rid of them itself anyway, you wouldn't be able to do anything I wouldn't think.