How to install an OS?

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easy question eh!?
i'm not thru yet...

here's the problem:

how do you install an OS in a laptop

-without a floppy drive
-does not support CD-ROM bootup at startup
-no money to buy for a external floppydrive
-you cannot boot inside the current OS because it prompts you for a password you dont know, so no CD-ROM use again.


anyone knows the answer,PLEASE help.... :(
yeah i thought so...You Can't.
well it was the laptop i was workin' on a few weeks ago..
a friend's laptop,the problem was its OS is win2k.and the one who installed failed to give the admin password he used and then left.
the problem?eerytime you boot to win2k,it loads then prompts you for a password.without knowing the password,nobody can get thru the startup.

i was thinking if it can get reinstalled in a network,like from my PC???
You can do network installs of 2k, XP, or even Linux, but you need either a network card that supports remote booting or a floppy that emulates this capability. You would also need a server that is capable of deploying the OS, which would probably be either Win2k Server or Linux.

For some more information see HERE for Win2k and HERE for Linux.
thanks for the tip guys!
actually i dont have that needed access to a network.all that requirement needed aren't available.
i think i would just need to look for another laptop that has a floppy so i can reinstall the OS.
you can try this it might help

Create Password Reset Disks
The Forgotten Password Wizard allows you to create a password reset disk that can be used to recover user account and personalized computer settings if the password is forgotten. The steps to perform this task differ for domain and workgroup scenarios.

Domain Password Reset Disk

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Security dialog box.
Click Change Password.
Click Backup to open the Forgotten Password Wizard.
Click Next and then follow the instructions as they appear on the screen.

Non-Domain Password Reset Disks

The procedure for creating non-domain reset disks varies depending on whether you have an administrator account or a limited account.

Administrator Password Reset Disk

[Start] [Control Panel] [User Accounts]
Select the account name.
Click [Prevent A Forgotten Password] under Related Tasks on left of screen.
Follow the instructions in Forgotten Password Wizard.

Limited Account Password Reset Disk

[Start] [Control Panel] [User Accounts]
Click [Prevent A Forgotten Password] under Realted Tasks on left of screen.
Follow the instructions in Forgotten Password Wizard.

Using the Password Reset Disk to Log On to A Computer

Click the user name whose password is on the recovery disk
Press [Enter] or the [Right Arrow] button.
This causes the [Did You Forget Your Password] message shown below to appear.

Did you forget your password?
You can click the "?" button to see your password hint.
Or you can use your password reset disk.

Please type your password again.
Be sure to use the correct uppercase and lowercase letters.

Click [Use Your Password Reset Disk].
This will start the Password Reset Wizard.
Follow the wizard's instructions and you will be able to set a new password.
The password reset disk is automatically updated with the new password information. You do not have to create a new password reset disk

The password reset disk that you create can only be used with the computer on which it was created
thanks for the microsoftne!
but i cant even log to i wont be able to make the disk.
the problem is when i start the laptop it beeps once,means everythings fine...then i get to the screen "Windows 2000..Starting Up" then it prompts me for an admin password.
hitting ESC wont work.CANCEL Buttong is not highlighted and cannot be chosen.theonly option available is to type a username and a password which it doesnt have.i know that when you install Win2K,it will oblige you to make an admin password,which unfortunately,the one who installed the OS for my friend didnt give.

i tried that as well:( :( :(
i see no hope..
i see no light at the end of the tunnel...:( :(

the only thing i can think of now is to have another laptop and try to put the hd on it and try to put the OS using another laptop.

:( :(
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