How do you feel about Snakes?

Are you impatient? LOL

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As you might know, if you have checked my profile. I collect and breed Snakes as a hobby. Mostly the larger Pythons and Boas. I was just wondering, since I am bored at work, How you all feel about these animals.
Really i don't mind them, i'll watch them on tv and the internet and that, but when i see when, i run really fast...hahah.
I don't mind snakes.. as long as they don't bother me.. actually, when I was 6 years old I accepted being wrapped by a really large one only to win a contest.. hehe, got a BMX or something in return.. I don't mind them, little cute pet! :D
little.. hehe, some of them. I like the little ones, but my true passion is Reticulated Pythons, The largest species of snake in the world. Actually, here is a pic of THE largest snake in captivity, and its a Retic!

By the way, her name is Fluffy!
DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'D BE

and really fast at that!
Nah, shes as cuddly as a kitten. Almost all snakes are if raised from a baby and held alot.
LOL, no that Bob Clark, he's the worlds formost breeder of reticulated pythons, I post on his websites forums frquently,

And yes, very big kitten. Ive had several large pythons and boas that were tame enough to wrap around you and handle frequently, they get used to humans very easily and dont see us as a food source, now Wild Anacondas and Retics, they have been known to eat small humans.
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