How Do I Update My Chipset ?


Well i was thinking maybe my problem was to update my bios for my mobo

i downloaded the chipset and everything, but im so lost on how to update them.
maybe im just retarded. because ive been getting errors ever since i've oced my amd x2 4200, and it wouldnt run quite well at 2.4 ghz oced (stock 2.2) but the prime95 and such tests said i was okay, but then computer doesnt work!.

so how do i update the chipset/bios ?


Bios and chipset drivers are different. To update your bios use Asus Live Update, found on your m/board disk, I prefer to d/load the file to hdd then flash from there. the beauty about Asus Live Update is that it allows you to flash from within Windows as opposed to a bootable floppy. It's easy to use.
Chipset drivers are different and usually have a self extractor/installer. Both will be available from the download section pertaining to your board on the Asus site.


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Flashing the BIOS is risky business, and for the most part, when you download a BIOS flash, it will contain specific instructions on how to perform it. Different motherboards do it differently. Some, you can flash from within Windows, others, you have to put it onto a floppy, boot to it, and run the utility from there. If you downloaded it, the help file should be with it. The chipset is a totally different item. You should be able to update it from within Windows.