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Hello all!
I posted here to say hello, and also because I didnt know where to place my topic!
I have a Sony Vaio VPCEE2M1E(unfortunately).
It is running windows 7.
Problems recently with booting up.
It seems to take an indifferent random number of attempts now to boot my laptop up. sometimes it will fire up first attempt, but somedays it will take upto 100 goes before it will boot!
Maybe it is a coincidence, but i have noticed that just before it boots up, the HDD spins and the fan comes on just like booting, but the screen stays black.
If i leave it a minute, I then switch off and switch back on again and it boots up.
I know the CMOS is knackered and def needs replacing as clock and date retain, would this cause boot issues? personally I think it could, and I have seen and read some articles and replies on various forums arguing this case, as others claiming it cannot cause issues.
Also recently when left for length of time, the screen does not come back on once display powers off(set after 1 minute of inactivity). I have the HDD set to power off after 20 mins, should i change this?
I cannot really afford to just replace my laptop, so maybe it is a solution, but it is not really an option at the moment. I also have programs and data on my HDD that I do not want to lose. I have important photos and docs backed up online, but still do not want the hassle of starting fresh either!
many thanks,
kind regards Jason


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First, I think you for the cause of safety should back up everything important on line or on a usb stick for example when you can.

I'm guessing here. But to me this sounds like a flaky BIOS and / or eventually a video chip acting up?

Anyway, I think you should take the lappy to a service station.
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change the bios battery. that might help.
If not, try to take out one of the RAM modules... if you have 2 that is.
If that doesn't help. switch it out with the second module. It might be RAM causing the problem.
If the computer suddenly works fine with only one of the modules. Buy a new RAM kit.
Upgrade to 8 gig if you only have 4. Ram isn't that expensive anymore and 8 gig will not be much more expensive than 4.