Hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a dilemma.


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I want to reformat my other computer just because its been some time and is starting to slow down on me. I popped in my windows xp cd and hit “install windows”. At that point I was reminded that it can't erase/install later forms of windows (SP2). So I go into ad/remove, go to sp2 and click “remove”. I get some random message telling me that the language on my service pack is set to Boznian and it will not be able to uninstall it unless I followed their wonderful “instructions”. They didn't lead me anywhere.

The next thing I tried to do was to open command prompt in order to just erase windows from there, but windows told me that another program was already using it so too bad for me. so I hit ctr alt deland nothing happens, looks like my task manager doesn't appear anymore. I had one last option and that was to change the settings in my bios and boot the computer from the cd drive, it gave me a message before startup telling me the cd was corrupted. It always used to tell me that when I had installed windows before but would continue. figured it was some typical windows crap.

I don't know what the heck the problem is. My computer is obviously a little messed up to say the least but I've never had problems re-installing windows before.

Any ideas?



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you probably have a virus of some sort. when you get weird, stupid s*it like that, you can conclude either 1: its microsoft... duhh
or 2 : a virus is messing with your brain lol.

Id try to pop the hard drive in anohter computer and format it there through windows.


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Can you post the exact error your getting when you boot from CD. Its not a virus, if your booting from the CD, because you arent running windows then. Is the CD a copy? Have ya tried cleaning the CD? Have you got another CD drive you can try?


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If you're not able to boot from your windows CD post here and I'll try to dig out the Microsoft page where you cn download a load of boot floppies.