help with torrent game

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i downloaded a game from torrent
and it has many .nfo and .r00 and a .rar file

i have no idea what to do with it
i tried extracting the rar file but when i extract it i get the same rar file it seems to be a loop or something

any help would be greatly appreciated
with those I usually just click on a random one of the r00 files and it brings up the entire file inside. With WinRAR.

Hope this helps. The NFO file explains what to do, if you open the NFO file in Notepad it'll probably have instructions, what file was it?

Charlie -
yeh, i usually click the first rar and extract it to a folder.It'll then extract all those rar files to one folder. I was confused at first, but its easy now
You know ive been running my trial version of winrar for like almost a year now. Does that thing ever run out?
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