Help! Trouble with drivers!


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My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5610z.

I bought an online game recently called City of Heroes/City Of Villains. When I first played it it came up a warning that my video card is working with old drivers and that this could make the game run poorly. I downloaded drivers such as directx 9 and a few more for my laptop. It helped but my game is still slow, crashes alot and the same warning keeps on coming up. I tried to dowload directx 10 but it keeps on coming up an error while installing and says I need to check my windows folder or something. I have also contacted acer and they gave me a link to download drivers, which I did but it made no diffrence to my game. Please Help!!!!!!!!! :confused:


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well which video card do you have?
Also dx10 probably won't help at all since I doubt the vid card can support dx10.