Help: NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT TV Out: Black and White; S-Video to RCA


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Alright, after hours of Googling through other forums and websites, I've figured out that this is a fairly common problem with many NVIDIA cards, and that there are about 3 dozen different solutions floating around. However, most seem to be based on the premise that something is wrong with the S-Video to RCA adapter.

I know this isn't the case here for 2 reasons:
1) This exact setup worked with the old GPU (FX5200)
2) When booting, the ASUS splash and Windows loading screens are in full color. Its not until the drivers are loaded that the screen flickers and I'm in the land of 1950's programming. In fact, removing the GeForce drivers completely fixes the problem....except of course that I've removed my GeForce driver and am left with the basic Windows :rolleyes:

I'm running (release 06/01/06), and have tried rolling back to 84.21, 77.77, 77.72, and 66.93, the latter two being the drivers I used on my old FX5200 when it worked. And yes, the region setting are correct (M/NTSC United States in my case.)

Anywho, according to NVIDIA's FAQ section, the problem is that the NVIDIA manager is not "Auto-Selecting" the correct type of video out, and its a simple fix to manually do it through your NVIDIA Control Panel. But, oops, this solution was posted in Oct.2004 (viewed here NVIDIA FAQ #30: TV Out in Black and White). I've attempted manually selecting S-Video in the Control Panel, with the results being uncchanged, and Composite, the result being a brief flash of color, then a dead black screen.

The other common solution offered is that the saturation levels are off (the claim being that the NVIDIA manager sets it to 0 (zero)). This has become as out-of-date as the above solution - almost all posts I found for it were dated early 2005 and before.

I'm sure there have to be other frustrated users out there. Let's see if we can't get a final solution to this once and for all. Thanks in advance for any help you've got to offer.

**searched computerforums using key's "Black and white" and "TV Out" - no relevant hits that I could see, but my apologies if I missed it**


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....I am crawling away with my tail between my legs.

It boggles my mind, but somehow, it was the cable. I don't understand that because of the BIOS and splash screens being in color, but out of desperation, I went to my box of computer parts to find my 6600GT manual to see if it said anything. Inside, I found a cable I don't think I'd even realized came with it, one which had S-video split to RCA Video AND Composite (the one I was using was just straight S-video to RCA Video and had come with my FX5200). I plugged yellow to yellow....and it works perfectly now. I'm not touching the HD Composites at all.

Does this make sense to anyone else????

But hey, at least its working. Better than the alternative.


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Wow, glad it works now :)

The same happened to me with my TV out on my ATI card, but it was to do with the output signal.

That is weird, and no, I can't explain that what so ever...All I can possibly think of is before the drivers kick in, the default VGA drivers used something the other cable supported, and when your drivers kicked in, NTSC kicked in, and the cables couldn't support 60HZ transmission.

But maybe Composite supports 60hz (NTSC), and default RCA Svideo doesn't.

Thats all I can think of.