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Just got a new computer
P4 2.4G, 512 DDR RAM, Sparkle Geforce4, running XP pro 2002
I am pissed.
It runs on the old p3 866, also running xp pro. is just not playable at this speed.
I bought my new computer for a reason goddamit.
Are there any error messages? Can you get into the game at all, or does it just dump back to windows? Is it a legal copy of the game, or a rip? Have you updated all your drivers? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? Which version of DirectX are you using? Do other games work on your new computer?
WOW!! those are a hell lot of questions...but you got to really consider all those things....
No error messages. black screen with just the mouse cursor. won't go back to windows have to restart.
instaled and uninstalled many times.
not a dodgy copy
directx 8.1
other games work great
got xp service pack 1??

and getting fucking frustrated
I've heard a lot of complaints about this game.. some people report that installing the latest video drivers from their manufacturer and downloading the latest patch for the game has fixed problems for them, but many people just can't get the game running at all. If you try that and it still won't work, it's time to send an email to EA and complain.
yer. the problem with developers like EA is they go for speed when it comes to production of games, not quality.. although they do *try*. And it is usually this trying that starts to screw their games. They rush their quality, hence it is not ensured the games will work with every computer.

i have also been where you are VKCalais, i am an ea sports fan. I remember when i bought nhl2002, it jsut would not work`~~~ after patching and downloading graphics card drivers it just would not work. NOTHING would make it work with my machine!... so what did i do?? I GAVE UP!. i bought 2003 and walla, it works like a charm.. if you ask me, id give up and get over it. Shit like this is a common thing with EA. all the best for future purchases :)
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