help me build a computer


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hello, i am trying to build a computer off of newegg but i have no knowledge of what parts are good or not. i was wondering if anyone can build me a gaming computer for less than $600. i prefer a desktop than a micro computer because i will like to keep upgrading my computer.

any help will be awesome, thanks


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I would get these if I were putting one together...

HIS Radeon HD6850 1 gig gddr5 ($149.99; $139.99 after rebate free shipping)

AMD Phenom2 x3 720 Black Edition heka 2.8 Ghz triple core processor ($74.99 free shipping)

BiostarA87OU3 AM3 AMD 870 sata motherboard ($69.99 + $3.99 shipping)

G skill ripjaws series 4 gig ddr3 1600 ram ($22.99 free shipping)

Corsair Builder series CX500 v2 500W certified active power supply ($59.99; $49.99 after rebate + $1.99 shipping)

Lite on black sata dvd rom drive ($17.99 + $6.99 shipping)

WD caviar green 500 gig hard drive ($129.99 + $6.99 shipping)

HEC 63R3BB Black steel ATX Mid tower case ($39.99 free shipping)

I didnt include shipping so it might be slightly over your budget but honestly its because of the hard drive. Frankly thats rediculous for a WD Green. I got my 1 TB for $59.99. I would either wait or shop elsewhere for that hard drive. But other than that this is a solid computer. The gpu cann easily max battlefeild 3 or any game depending on your monitor. The motherboard supports 4 ram slots so putting 1 4 gig stick will allow for future ram upgrades. But games need 1 to 1.5 gigs max to run smoothly so you are good there. This is just to give you direction but it is a pretty good computer for the budget. Sorry I didnt put links but im on my mobile right now. Good luck and happy building.

P.S. Thid is my fourth time trying to post this because my internet keeps going out JUST as I try to post so im going to copy just in case.