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I am new to this site and shall begin my introduction to it with a request for assistance,. Unfortunately, my knowledge of computers and computing is seriously limited.

I have the following items in my house that I wish to see if I can link all together, and

to try and return them to there former glory ie maximise these operating capacity.

The technology are as follows

Nokia Lumia 610 mobile telephone with WiFi

Sony LapTop computer with WLAN

Dell Computer – which is made up and purchased second hand, I use this computer as my internet computer.

I have a Emachine computer that has had a serious amount of repair undertaken upon it. The power pack gave in so the person I purchased the DELL from transferred all of the integral parts of the computer into a bases unit that had a working power pack. Unfortunately, subsequent to this move the internet facility of the computer was not removed, do not know why or how.

My internet access is on the basis of mobile telephone dongles etc, not fixed / land lines etc.

the former emachine always asked for the Service Pack at the time of a dongle been introduced to it. However because at that time it was my only computer, I did not have the computer nor the knowledge to install the service pack. A problem I would like to overcome. This machine has all of my software on it – MS Office etc

Anyway what has prompted me onto this site, it that I wish to connect all or as many of these devices as possible. I have a BELKIN High Speed Mode Wireless G Route for this purpose and wish to know if this is at all possible. Furthermore, if I was to have the mobile telephone dongle in the desktop computer could I subsequent to the successful installation of the BELKIN device have broadband internet access across all of the devices that have internal WLAN or WiFi etc.
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Hello there and welcome aboard.

Members don't get here every often. I suggest posting in the related section(s) to get better responses.