Guten tag!


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So I was recommended to these forums, and I love forums. <7
I look forward to many a tech discussion and a plethora of various trivia to share and obtain with you all!


Ronco Rox

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ArrizX said:
Reccomended by who?
by god of course :eek:
i've talked to him plenty of times on this forum. he kept PM'ing me about how to turn a computer. n00b.

anyways welcome to the forums


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My brother is Paul, but his name on these forums is PaulF, I think he only posted once or something, but he uses this place for troubleshooting.

ArrizX said:
Lol oh cool. So what up, liking the place? Where ya live? Give us some details about you.
I am in Oregon, 19 y.o...male... single... I am going to school to get my degree in computer networking, as is my brother. But I am smarter! >_>
So far, I like these forums. I have been answering a few posts, trying to spread what I know and hopefully 'lern2newstuff'. There are a lot of threads about CPU fans! D: