Getting Rid Of The Google Search Sidebar

John Bull

In Runtime
Many users worldwide have made countless complaints on Forum`s and other sites about the "experimental" Google LH sidebar that comes up on all search screens. It has been inflicted on selected users, probably all those with a Google toolbar and there is no provision made for us to hide it.

Consequently, users including myself have got very angry at having this waste of space dumped on our screens by inconsiderate search engine providers. Google say that there is no way to get rid of it. But there is, the world is full of clever people and Cyber Surgeons independent of Google who can bypass this mandatory implant.

Many solutions have been put forward on the net from using Greasemonkey and JS script to cobbled up add-ons. None of them work overall, some work for some (so they say) and most do not.

David Rubin has recently designed an add-on that is currently experimental BUT installing it is easy with no problems and IT DOES WORK ! If for some reason you do not like it, simply uninstall it and enjoy the sidebar.

For all those users plagued by this compulsory Google search LH sidebar, go to Mozilla Add-ons for Firefox, download "Google Search Tab Remover 1.02" by David Rubin. Google will then be deprived of this annoying sidebar at the expense of worldwide joy.
Hit this link link and you will go direct to it :-

Until David Rubin finally releases this add-on, you may have to REFRESH the first output screen from the Google logo, but from then on - NO LH Sidebar, providing you keep searching using the output screen search box or the SEARCH button on the Google toolbar if you have one..
Final trimming may remove this small temporary need.

David Rubin has already released his Add-on to remove a similar sidebar on iGoogle many months ago. It works perfectly.

Good luck to you all and good riddance to Google`s sidebar.

Please note that this message applies to Firefox users. The pestilence probably occurs on all Google search panels, but it looks as if Google has padlocked this plague on IE and Firefox whilst leaving minor browsers able to revert to the old Google with "Hide options". After all, IE + Firefox account for 93.4% of all worldwide browser usage.

I do not know how IE users overcome this matter.
No need for any feathers to fly on this subject, if you like the sidebar KEEP IT, if you do not install the Add-on and GET RID OF IT.
John Bull