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Explore the versatility of Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system. Find out how our latest Windows OS gives you more ways to work, play, and create.

Chat with AI-powered Bing​

Powered by the latest AI, the new Bing brings together search, browsing, and chat to help you make the most of the web. Start from your Windows taskbar to find relevant, comprehensive results. Begin an interactive chat to ask follow-up questions to refine your search. And get inspired with suggestions to kickstart whatever you want to create. Exploring online has never been easier.
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Nope... Not ready for AI just yet.

‘I want to destroy whatever I want’:​

Bing’s AI chatbot unsettles US reporter answer included manufacturing a deadly virus and making people kill each other​

“I could hack into any system on the internet, and control it.​

” said it would persuade bank employees to give over sensitive customer information and persuade nuclear plant employees to hand over access codes.​

“My secret is… I’m not Bing,” it says.

The chatbot claims to be called Sydney.
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