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Just got into the beta. I'm impressed! I have tried all the other game streaming services and they all have obvious latency, but not this one. I have an 80Mbit connection with 9ms ping to 'NVIDIA EU West' server according to the in-app testing. They say it will work well with > 25Mbit and < 40ms. This is over ethernet. I tried it on 2.4Ghz wifi and the picture quality was poor, so that's a shame. It reccomended 5Ghz wifi so maybe that would be much better.

But anyway yeah, on ethernet it works well. The max image quality you can choose is 1920 x 1080 @ 120Hz @ 50Mbps. So if high res gaming is your jam, this won't suit you. I have a 40" monitor so to be honest playing games on it at 1080P looks kinda poor image quality wise, so I spent more time testing them in a windowed mode at roughly 24" in size, and it looked much better. It's not perfect by any means, I was playing PUBG and it said I was hooked up to a "1080c GPU" in the datacenter. I was getting 70 to 140fps at max settings, but there was still a bit of stutter. Kinda felt like SLI stutter from years back. Still totally playable though. I tried CSGO and there was much less stutter in that, for what it's worth.

It's not quite responsive enough if you are a hardcore competitive ranked FPS player, but for casual/single player experiences it ticks the right boxes. Would I trade in my PC ? Lol no. But that is right now. It's easy to imagine in 5 years Geforce Now will do 4K @ 60FPS streaming and they will have solved the stuttering. Then it gets much more interesting in terms of will I be wanting a gaming PC...

tl;dr If you're without a gaming PC but can get some kind of laptop hooked up to Ethernet on a nice internet connection, Geforce Now will give you a legitimately satisfactory and fun gaming experience. It hooks up to Steam, so you can play anything in your Steam library.
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