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I am migrating to a HS Cable connection tomorrow and was wondering if a firewall is needed or does XP provide built in protection. Am a little long in the tooth and Technologically challenged at present. So any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
hmm well i know my xp pro hase a built in firewall but u have 2 activate it, but personally i dont really trust it all that much i have Norten firewall it only cost me like 30 ish and its doing a good job but 2 activate the built in xp firewall u have to......

control panel>network internet connections>network connections>Right click on the icon, click properties>go to the advanced tab and click the checkbox{it sais sumthen like "Protect my computer and internet by limiting or preventing acces to the internet"}
Dont use the XP firewall. It will do nothing but cause you headaches. I dont really even use one much, except when testing out new microsoft apps.

Truth is, if a hacker wants in your system that bad, he will get in. Firewall or not.
I agree Ecniv...if a hacker wants in on my system, he's going to find a way.

But it's not the hackers that I'm trying to keep out...

it's the ScriptKiddies!

there are two simple solutions for basic computer security. you can purchase a hardware solution, where the firewall is built into the router/modem. This method is simple and easy to maintain. Your other solution is in software, such as ZoneAlarm or Tiny Personal Firewall. These programs are very functional but require a bit more work to set up.

I would not recommend the firewall that comes built in to XP. It does a really good job of monitoring incoming traffic, but it doesn't make par with outgoing traffic. So if that virus/trojan comes in through, say, email then it can open up ports for someone to come in on its own.
ya, well personally i just keep my firewall on so all those ppl doing random port scans cant find any open ports but ya i agrea the built in firewall in xp was annoying.
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