Failed logins in AD environment


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I am a beginner systems manager and my boss asked me to research recurring tickets coming in from Automate (labtech).

Failed Logins:459 - **** 1975 nlogon.exe or Services.exe.

Failed Logins:459 - **** 1975 Winlogon.exe or Services.exe.The Logon Type field indicates the type...

The incoming tickets are coming from almost every server in our AD environment and I feel it has to do with synchronization issues in our domain. (and the domains of our clients, since they experience it to)

Searches on the internet are mostly directing me towards failed logins by users.
Also I seem to have trouble in finding the Type Field in event viewer which should indicate the kind of login that the error applies to.

Can anyone give me a push into the right direction? My collegues already told me it's a hard issue to solve and I hope to get some clarity through this forum.

Hope to hear from you! (I'm also glad to provide more information you think might help.)

Regards, Niels