Integrating servicenow with Aws cloudwatch events


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I am trying to integrate my existing Aws environment with Servicenow, I would like Aws events to create an incident ticket in Servicenow.

The documentation on both the Aws and Servicenow websites are quite old and not updated with the latest interface.

For example, one of the first steps is to import a repo from github into Servicenow. I however cannot authenticate to the repo as it does not provide me with a username or password field as it should as per several documents. I however am presented with a dropdown for the password.

Would appreciate any suggestions to get this working.

I am trying to follow the documentation here :
It might be a good idea to consult AWS specialists. There are some peculiarities about this platform that most developers usually miss.
I worked with, and they explained a great deal about this system and how it works. It turns out it’s not that simple at all to create a special custom solution for your company and manage it afterward. This is the reason why many people refuse to work with clouds – they have a not pleasant experience with them because of poor management. It does not take long, though, to fix most of the issues with this architecture.
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Integrating ServiceNow with AWS CloudWatch events can be a bit tricky, especially when dealing with outdated documentation. One suggestion I have is to consider checking out AWS training and certifications. They offer up-to-date resources and courses that can help you navigate through the integration process.
Regarding the authentication issue with the GitHub repo in ServiceNow, it can be frustrating when things don't work as expected. Have you tried reaching out to the ServiceNow community or support for assistance? They might have some insights or workarounds for this specific problem.
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