Edited: TORGuard VPN Product Sale & my own experiences using them.


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I've been with torguard.net now for a good while, at least a good few years.

I've been looking at their sales and product features of the various bundles and packages they do.

Check them out at torguard.net

From what I can tell as of posting this they still have their Black Friday deals on.

But in particular I've been looking at their secure email,.

Here is the link for the secure web mail homepage, torguard.net secure web mail

Since I last had a secure web mail with them the over all GUI has been dramatically revamped and looks much more user friendly, and they are offering a lot more features with their bundles.

I recommend this particular company for this being torguard.net simply because they have from what I can tell, have become established in the industry and their customer service is excellent, sometimes imo, a matter of minutes in response for a reply .

Also FYI, torguard means torrent friendly being, tor, Nothing to do with the onion router .

Just something I thought I'd mention .

Edit: I should mention their is a lot more I could add, but if you are actually looking for a VPN solution, you need to do your research. Check them out. Read the reviews, look at their prices, product features and overall packages. I will also add, their have been times when I have personally asked an out of the box question in relation to something else that would impact on my VPN services and they have done their best to offer support what what I have presented them with.
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